Animal (Anvil Press, 2009) Shortlisted f

I've been writing pretty much all of my life, and can't imagine not writing. I'm currently at work on two new books. Sounds crazy, I know. A book of short stories entitled West Hill and finishing up a novel called We Are Not the Fischers.


Each book I write represents a different phase of my life and with each book I accept how process changes, like life, like growing up. I embrace the challenge, the surprises, encompassing the craft.


I fulfilled another dream and started my own publishing house called Two Wolves Press.


Editing is also a passion of mine, helping writers bring their work to fruition brings great satisfaction.


I'm so thrilled to have worked with Catherine Graham on her award winning debut novel Quarry. and the many clients manuscripts and freelance editing ventures I experience.


I met Aileen Santos when she took one of the courses I teach at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Creative Writing Program. I believed in her writing more than she did at the time, and I kept encouraging her to keep at it.


Two years ago, Two Wolves Press published her debut novel Someone Like You.


Sharing what I learn as a writer, helping other's fulfill their writing dreams, is a natural extension of my passion for the craft.